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341 Pasos

(341 steps)

L21 Gallery
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

341 steps is the number of steps I took to move from L21 Gallery to a dump on the intersection of Gremi de Ferrers street and Gremi de Sabaters street, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. A site where diverse domestic and industrial waste arrived as a result of the area’s activities. Using this material, I worked on four pieces:

Emotional approaches to questions given by circumstances and gravity: a subtle structure holds a group of old tiles, complete and broken, to the wall. Together they form a composition of pictorial character with the remainder of the material originally used to glue them to a wall.

The comfort of being something you are not: three PVC pipes united and curved with an iron pipe on the inside creating in space a single line that defies gravity and stays on foot in spite of the irregularity of its shape.

Break its will, so it submits to your will: two metal sawbucks hold pieces of an abandoned boat which I intervened by cutting, modeling and polishing its structure. The results are two bodies whose forms suggest new aerodynamic relations that, at the same time, move towards and away from the original design of the ship.

Necessity can be as arbitrary as the whims we have: on top of a window anchored to the ground I placed a green cape that I used to cover myself from the rain while I collected waste for the exhibition. The cape covers a part of the window and its reticule, drawing in space a flat, hieratic and mute volume.