Installation view

Pieces of tires and cables

Piece of tire

Installation view

Indeterminado orden nº2: vago

(Indeterminate order nº2: vague Indeterminado orden nº2: vago)

Variable sizes
Galería Gabriela Mistral
Santiago, Chile

Indeterminate Order nº2: Vague, was an installation put together with collected waste from the neighborhood of San Felipe (Bogota, Colombia) and later from 10 de Julio Huamachuco Avenue (Santiago, Chile).

We stand before electricity cables cut by homeless people to extract copper in Bogota, these cables hang from the roof and are precariously linked to rubber fragments that served as ropes to tie down the hoods of street vendors carts in Bogota and Santiago. On the ground, pieces of busted tires picked up in both capitals are contained within a reticle. All of them are objects that due to their fragmentary condition exhibit an incomplete state that through associative processes suggest abstract qualities. Proposing objectual relations that converge in spite of their material diversity and generate unity through chromatic similarity. Presenting a sculptural vision of the environment that’s more undetermined that determined. Showing how certain dynamics that seem to be factors particular to a certain place are in fact parts of a global economic weave.

* Indeterminate Order nº2: Vague, is the sequel to Indeterminate Order nº1: Waste Interrupted by a Line, an installation produced during a residency in FLORA Ars+Natura, Bogota, Colombia.