Installation view

12 wall fragments, each separated by 20cm

Installation view

Junta de vecinos N° 7

(Neighborhood Reunion Nº7 Junta de vecinos N° 7)

760 x 290cm
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Fenosa
La Coruña, Spain

Neighborhood Reunion nº7 was an installation specifically created for Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Fenosa. It consists of a wall containing 468 fragments of paint, in different sizes and colors, removed from the facades of houses from the borough of Santiago (Santiago, Chile). A montage that, as a mural subjected to a reticle, accounts for the abstraction of colors and shapes present on the facades of downtown Santiago.

* Neighborhood Reunion is the title of a series of works (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) that, from several two-dimensional formats, present the diversity of colors and textures on the facades in downtown Santiago de Chile.