Installation view

Installation view

Cables, rubber, bucket handle

Indeterminado orden nº1: desechos interrumpidos por una línea

(Indeterminate order nº1: waste interrupted by a line Indeterminado orden nº1: desechos interrumpidos por una línea)

Variable size
FLORA Ars+Natura
Bogota, Colombia

Indeterminate Order nº1: Waste Interrupted by a Line, was an installation during a residency in FLORA Ars+Natura, Bogota, Colombia.

This installation was born from an investigative exercise that implied walking and observing the place that waste occupied in the neighborhood of San Felipe, Bogota. This experience allowed me to notice situations that because of their consistent appearance became incentives to follow: electricity cables cut by homeless people to extract copper, pieces of bumpers broken by accidents, fragments of rubber that had been used to tie down the hoods of street vendors carts and lots of different waste found all over the ground, all black, all in an unusual state because of their fragmentary condition. With this material I put together an installation, which, because of physical and associative reasons, as well as their condition of signifiers, privileges exceptional qualities in the objects. These, tied and assembled in various ways, converge in lines that generate chromatic unity from their material diversity, in the way a tridimensional drawing organically includes space from the ground to the roof.